The Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival has been providing festival-goers with food, fun and many pumpkin related activities for over 23 years. Since the early years of the festival the Boone County Sheriff's Department has provided traffic safety as the town of 106 swells to several thousand for the one weekend a year. One of the major struggles over the years has been the safety of the festival-goers as we have been forced to commingle vehicles with pedestrians due to the makeup of the city streets. Many alternatives have been explored over the years, but unfortunately there are too many limitations inside the town to accomplish alternative parking, traffic routes or shuttles.

This year the Boone County Sheriff's Department, in conjunction with the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival Committee, have made the decision to not allow vehicle traffic through town at all during the festival's operating hours. Traffic routes to and from the festival will be changed to increase the safety of all involved.

Anyone wishing to attend the festival will follow posted signs along the following route: From Route A go south on Old Highway 63. Veer right onto North Mt. Pleasant Road and continue south. Follow North Mt. Pleasant Road south and continue on it as it changes to South Mt. Pleasant Road. Veer right onto Soft Pit Hill Road. Continue on Soft Pit Hill Road until it changes to Hartsburg Bottom Road. Continue west on Hartsburg Bottom Road until you reach Bush Landing Road. Turn right on Bush Landing Road and you will be directed to the parking area.

Upon leaving the festival you will be directed west and north on River Road. Continue traveling north on River Road until you reach Route M in Wilton. Turn right on Route M and follow it through Ashland back to Highway 63.

Route A will be closed to festival traffic with the exception of motorcycles. Christian School Road will be closed to festival traffic. Both Route A and Christian School will be open to local traffic while the festival is operating.

We understand this change may cause issues for both local residents and those attending the festival, however it is necessary to provide a safe environment for all in attendance. 



The Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival in the heart of a small town,

 Population 103 (2010 census). With the tradition of community, family and friends.

The Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival began in 1991 as a celebration of the pumpkin and the promotion for the village of Hartsburg. In those days, and to the present, Hartsburg was known as “The Garden Spot of Boone County.” That rich Missouri River bottom soil produces unique and bountiful harvests of grains, grasses, fruits, and vegetables. It was a time to share our wealth with mid-Missouri.